Lake Ontario and Waterkeeper

Tomorrow is Earth Hour day. Monday was World Water Day. So conservation and green are the watch words.

Water has always been part of my life. Ok, that sounds strange, it’s part of everyone’s life. I guess I’ve always lived near water, which is pretty unusual if you’ve spent as much time moving around as I have. I’ve always been within walking distance of a shoreline – Lake Nipissing, The St. Lawrence River, The Atlantic, The Pacific and of course Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is home for me, it’s given me a lot – topics to write about, waters to cool off in, to sail, to paddle. So I thought it was high time I tried to do something to protect it. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper provided me with that opportunity by naming me the Poet Laureate of Lake Ontario a couple of years ago.

They’re an organization dedicated to environmental justice on the lake and protecting our rights to swim, drink and fish.

You can check out their website or join Swim, Drink, Fish, Music to get exclusive music tracks from great musicians and support the cause.

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