Things I have not seen – Vegas Edition

I’ve been to Vegas three times now. I gambled for the first time on my last trip – so that officially gets removed from the things I have not seen. I mean I’d seen it, but I hadn’t done it.

But what I haven’t seen are the animatronics at Caesar’s Palace, the fountains outside the Bellagio (of the tale end of it from the top of the Eiffel Tower across the street, but that hardly counts) the pirate show at Treasure Island – oh, I’m sorry, TI – or any of the other magical theatrical experiences that Vegas has to offer.

Now, I understand that these are not strictly the reasons one goes to Vegas – this is not, in fact like the Golden Gate Bridge, or other upcoming examples – but it does seem odd that one can spend that much time trolling the strip and not see any of these things.

Margaritas in plastic guitars? Check.

Screaming children at midnight in a casino? Check.

A grown man in a wizard hat playing Kitty Glitter? Check.

But next time I’ll be camped at Caesar’s waiting for emperor’s party.

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