Things I have not seen – marine edition

A few weeks ago I stayed at a gorgeous place overlooking the ocean and all anyway else there was talking about was the whales they kept seeing go by from the balcony – they were breaching right up out of the water. Apparently is quite a show. I sat there for two days. Eyes pinned to the sea. Nothing.

But it’s migration season so I thought, I’ll go whale watching – right and proper with people who know what they are doing. After some research I found a place- and their record on their website looked great. Only one day this season had they not seen any whales and that was due to bad weather. Every other day it was – 600 dolphin, 5 humpbacks, 8 grey whale. So I boarded the boat.

Ahead of me was a vast expanse of ocean and the entire day. It was clear, the sun was out, the wind wasn’t bad.

I peered through my binoculars for hours. And hours.


One measly dolphin and a buoy full of sea lions.

But I got a free pass because the luck was so bad, so maybe those wily whales won’t foil me again.

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