George’s Route on Mt. Everest

While Ruth’s journey can be charted over a single day, George and the rest of the expedition cover thousands of miles over the course of months. The map below shows their route in the novel up the slopes of Everest.

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One Response to George’s Route on Mt. Everest

  1. Donna Misener says:

    Hi Tanis

    Thanks so much for a very interesting, entertaining evening last Tuesday… Since our conversation while you were signing books, I’ve looked up YOUR Ian Daffern… What a talented, interesting guy!
    The other Ian Daffern has a google listing ‘skiing with Ian’… so I gather he’s still in Calgary, but don’t know what else he’s doing.
    As well as saying thanks for sharing your time with us readers, I wanted to draw your attention to an article by Charlotte Gray in the most recent issue of Cottage Life… She writes about A.P [Arthur Philemon] and Helena Coleman, two siblings who cottaged in the Thousand Islands near Gan.
    I won’t go on about them here, but thought maybe you might have a moment to pick up / peruse the article when you’re visiting bookshops on your book tour…. I don’t know if Charlotte G. is in the process of turning it into a book or longer piece of some kind… but [largely, perhaps, because of my fascination with mountaineering characters especially Canadian] I think they’re quite interesting people. Victoria College archives at U of Toronto has an extensive website focussed on AP Coleman which you might find interesting.

    Again, thanks for a fabulous account of Mallory and Irvine; you’ve now sent me back to read all of the Mallory and Irvine and GW.Young books in my collection of mountaineering books. Then, no doubt, I’ll re-read Above All Things.. The internet is also leading me in other directions… You’ve unleashed a monster… and I’ve been checking out Ada Lovelace too…. very very interesting.
    Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck in Perth and Grimsby.



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