Literature for Life and WORDS 2.0

One of the best day jobs I’ve ever had was working for a great literacy organization in Toronto called Literature for Life.

Literature for Life runs reading circles for pregnant and parenting teenage girls in the Greater Toronto Area. Essentially these are book clubs, based in shelters and youth centres in Toronto’s high risk neighborhoods.

As a facilitator at these reading circles I would choose books that appealed to teenage girls and then meet with them once a week to read together and discuss them. The magic that happened in these circles was obvious.

Young women who had never read books before became engaged with the written word. They talked passionately about the books and characters, and then quickly began to reflect on their own lives in relation to the plots they read.

They began to write poems and stories – finding the value in their voices and becoming advocates for themselves and their children.

Once a month or so they would be given new books, for themselves and their children, so that their babies were encouraged to read and love reading from an early age.

Like all charities, Literature for Life relies on the support of the community. While I haven’t lead a reading circle in some time, I still support Literature for Life and it’s works. That’s why I’m thrilled to be the Honorary Chair of their upcoming event WORDS 2.0.

WORDS 2.0 is a party with a purpose. So come on out, support a great cause and have a great night.

When:  September 7, 2012 at 8:30pm

Where: 99 Sudbury

Buy Tickets

For more information check out the event on Facebook.



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