International Festival of Authors and Canada Reads

The International Festival of Authors starts this week.

I wrote a post for their website explaining what it feels like to be part of this years festival – so I won’t repeat how excited and thrilled I am here.

Here’s where you can find me over the next two weeks:

IFOA Woodstock with Kjersti A. Skomsvold, Linda Spalding, Cordelia Strub

7:30PM, OCTOBER 17, 2012


Novelists for a New Age – a Round Table with Matt Lennox, Stacey Madden, Aga Maksimowska, Grace O’Connell and Catherine Bush

Sunday, October 21, 4:00pm, 2012
at the Lakeside Terrace
Reading with Bill Gaston, Rawi Hage, Kyo Maclear
Saturday, October 27, 2:00pm, 2012
Lakeside Terrace
In addition to events, it’s also Canada Reads time again. This year they’ve broken it down by region, so Above All Things qualifies in Ontario. If you’d like to head on over, you can nominate it for this year’s showdown!
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