Writing a novel based on historical events and in foreign environments takes lots of research. I’ve included here a list of books and resources that were helpful to me in the writing of Above All Things. This is by no means exhaustive, but many of these I returned to time and again to get a sense of both Everest and the era.

–          Mount Everest, The Reconnaissance, 1921 – Charles Howard-Bury

–          The Assault on Mount Everest – Charles Granville Bruce

–          The Epic of Mount Everest – Sir Francis Younghusband

–          The Lost Explorer, Finding Mallory on Mount Everest –  Conrad Anker and David Roberts

–          The Wildest Dream, Mallory, his Life and Conflicting Passions – Peter and Leni Gillman

–          First on Everest, The Mystery of Mallory and Irvine – Tom Holzel and Audrey Salkeld

–          Everest Pioneer, The Photographs of Captain John Noel – Sandra Noel

–          Ghosts of Everest – the Search for Mallory and Irvine – Jochen Hemmlab, Larry A. Johnson, Eric R. Simonson

–          Lost on Everest, The Search for Mallory and Irvine – Peter Firstbrook

–          Fearless on Everest, The Quest for Sandy Irvine – Julie Summers

–          The Irvine Diaries – Introduction by Herbert Carr

–          George Mallory – David Robertson

–          Last Climb: The legendary Everest expeditions of George Mallory – David Brashears

–          Into Thin Air – Jon Krakauer

–          Left for Dead – Beck Weathers

–          View From the Summit – Sir Edmund Hillary

–          The Climb – Tragic Ambitions on Everest – Anatoli Boukreev

–          Everest – The West Ridge – Thomas F. Hornbein

–          Everest, the Hard Way – Chris Bonnington

–          Everest, Summit of Achievement – Stephen Venables

–          Everest, Mountain without Mercy – Broughton  Coburn

–          High Crimes: the fate of Everest in an Age of Greed – Michael Kodas

–          Everest: Alone at the Summit: a Survival Story – Stephen Venables

–          Dead Lucky: Life after Death on Mount Everest – Lincoln Hall

–          Dark Summit: The True Story of Everest’s Most Controversial SeasonNick Heil

–          Encyclopedia of Mountaineering – Walt Unsworth

–          Scrambles Amongst the Alps – Edward Whymper

–          Where the Mountain Casts its Shadow – the Dark Side of Extreme Adventure – Maria Coffey

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