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  1. Marilyn Murphy says:

    Hi Tanis,
    I have been searching online for the past hour for somewhere online that would sell a publication with some of your poems – for Kate’s 35th birthday, no less.
    Kate now has Ciara (pronounced ‘Keera’ (2) and Ashling (1 month) and so is very busy, as you can imagine. Anyhow, if this message gets to you, maybe you can send me a Website address where I can purchase something written by you as a nice surprise for Kate.
    By the way, we’re all in New Zealand … you probably know that, but just in case.
    All the best,

  2. Carol Hubbard says:

    Tanis, I enjoyed your book and have a few comments:
    – “window” as in “window of opportunity” is a relatively modern expression and would not have been used in the 20’s
    – English people in those days would not have said “I guess”, but “I suppose”
    – it would not have been possible to buy a sticky bun (or much else) on a Sunday. The laws in England with respect to retail were quite restrictive right up to the 60’s. A bakery would not have been permitted to open on a Sunday
    – No upper class Englishman would have said “Bullshit”. He would more likely have said “Balderdash” or “Rubbish”. I think the term bullshit was introduced by American forces during WWII
    – crickets in England were extremely rare and only found in a few pockets of the country (not Cambridge). There are more crickets there now which have found their way from continential Europe with global warming and the warmer climate in UK

    You and your editor are probably both too young to have caught most of these! Nevertheless, I enjoyed the book and look forward to your next novel.


    Carol Hubbard
    Port Coquitlam, BC

    • rideout says:

      Hi Carol!
      Thanks for your comments. I’m glad the small anachronistic errors didn’t detract too much from the novel. I did try to be as thorough as possible, but well, sometimes I miss things.

      All the best,


  3. Jyoti Achria says:


    What a pleasure it was meeting you this afternoon. Your book was an a wonderful read – riveting, from beginning to end.

    Eagerly awaiting your book of poetry and your next novel.

    Jyoti Achria

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